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    Untapped areas for improvement,
    limited growth mostly
    due to internal malfunctions

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  • Innovation is at the core of our business
    Set in motion a virtuous circle
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Bring to the forefront hidden or unexploited ressources

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Identification, Diagnostic and speedy resolution of any potential issue generating lag or malfunctioning in the every day life of a company


Searching for Process Optimizations

Cost Killing

Cost Optimization, Stock Management, Purchasing strategy implementation.

Our Approach

When working or negotiating on behalf of our clients our methodology is personalised and always with the aim of obtaining best results.

Julien Zemmour - Fondateur de SWIFT Conseil

My Business ?
Set in motion a virtuous circle Take effective action on internal mechanisms

After ten years experience in Sales dedicated to Key Accounts, Supply Chain and Development / Management of transversal projects, at both National and International level, Julien Zemmour founded SWIFT CONSEIL based on the observation that a large number of solutions to business problems could be found internally.

With his experience in "Cross Functional Management" Julien Zemmour brings to the companies he advises an innovative, objective and open-minded analysis of their situation.

As a Strategy Consultant, he supports his clients in the definition, choice and implementation of their future strategy.
For each client there is a specific problem, requiring a personalized approach, in-depth reflection led by rigorous methodology, and leading to relevant answers.

Our 7 Areas of Action

Une approche globale ou localisée




Validation of a precise Action Plan


Implementation & plan of action follow up

What do we do ?

Immediate Savings & operational expertise

- Evaluations & precise Cost Savings
- Operational Project starting Audit
- Vertical Cost-savings
- Sales strategy implementation
- Project relaunching

International Consulting firm

Optimisations & Recommendations

Detecting points of improvements & savings, conception of personalized solutions offering the best ratio : Expectation / Performance/ Investment :

- Growth, Growth & Growth
- Cost Savings & degrees of implementation
- Rationalization
- Latest technological offers

Consulting Agency

Examples of possible implementations:

- Contract Negociactions
- Project Management
- Tender Response
- Supplier sourcing & rationalization
- Technical cost Savings on industrial sites & duplication
- Technological upgrades

Our Motto

Deepdive the creativity of each company


Our customer HR policy & ethics at the heart of our action

Mixing économique performance & respect of human values